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I'm sorry your last issue of the Super Second Life Newsletter didn't arrive.

While we rectify the problem, you may wish to immediately print out of copy of that issue by linking to PAST ISSUES and downloading it. That way you can remain current...

Here are some reasons that we receive for "undelivered" emails:

(1) We goofed, and we need your name and the email address again to get you back on the list. Please send that on this email, and mention that your latest Super Second Life Newsletter didn't arrive. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(2) It did arrive but a well-meaning friend erased it, sent it to a foe (or a teeny bopper), printed it out for you but left the page in the wastebasket, or, yes, your dog ate it.

(3) Something else.

Who cares? Let's get you back up on the list.

FRIENDS WANT TO SUBSCRIBE? Super. Just ask them to complete subscribe. But please don't do it for them. We want this to be a voluntary subscription process, requested by the people we are serving. (Otherwise we get bogged down in answering angry emails asking why we are sending something they don't want! We'd rather focus on providing top quality contents with the time saved...)

PRIVACY: Nobody else will get this information nor will we use it any other way.
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