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We expect there will be two users of this site: potential clients and speakers' bureaus!


Do we book through speaker's bureaus? You bet. Have yours contact us (or we can suggest some).

Must you book through a speaker's bureau? No. Just contact us directly.

Is there a price difference using a speaker's bureau? No.

Why would a client use a speaker's bureau? They are brokers and have a definite place in the speaking world. You simply work through them to reach us. If you are more comfortable in that relationship, that's fine. You'll get our very best service and presentation in either case.


We enjoy working with speaker'contact.htm">contact us and we will point you to our special "SPEAKER'S BUREAUS" private web page.

You can get a good sense of what Gordon speaks about to associations, businesses, corporations, clubs, or groups (as a keynote, workshop, or spousal program) by starting here and walking his website's "speaking path."

We have the usual one-sheet, video, audio, and information sheets which we will also gladly send you. (We are relying much more on the website, however, and submitting as email attachments, mostly in Adobe Acrobat, for all but videos. We can work that out!)

Please contact us if Gordon is what your clients need and/or want!

Incidentally, Gordon is a member of the Gold Coast Speakers Alliance.
Why not also see what his colleagues in the GCSA have to say?

He has also been a member of the National Speaker's Association since 1982
and has offered more than 2000 paid presentations.

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