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This is what we promised on the previous page: Just stopping by to pluck some info for your own article? Glad to help: Gordon suggests, beyond his own book, other solid paths and references.

Since these resources are found both on this website and elsewhere, let's again provide a link first, then explain why that source might be worth investigating. If you need further information from Gordon or wish to interview him directly, just contact us. Also see the Free Articles link below for other slants or angles.

sslobooks.htm Books about the topic that Gordon found particularly reliable and useful 
ssllinks.htm Topic-related links to 19 general, 43 medical, and 8 financial organizations
arthssl.htm 31 excerpts from Gordon's book, ranging from 18-144 words long, that are particularly usable quotes (*)
artbssl.htm Several pages of others' best quotes about aging, mostly humorous 
sslchopen.htm Some excellent longer quotes from the opening of each chapter in Gordon's book (*) 
sslintro.htm or 
If you want some actual content quotes, here are the Introduction and Chapter One of Gordon'contact.htm">Contact us for the complete book, in printed or email attachment format.)  (*)
lifeplans.htm Example(s) of others' lifeplans (*) 
dreamlst.htm 250+ ideas that others do or may want to include in their Super Second Lives (*)
sslreviewart.htm Articles by others about the idea and content of Gordon's book 
ssltestimonials.htm Four testimonials for Gordon's book and the idea it describes 
bkrevnewsrel.htm P.R. one-page about Gordon's book (*)

 (*) You are welcome to use this material as a direct quote from Gordon Burgett. You can even modify it slightly, if necessary, for editing or writing purposes as long as facts or the intent are not altered. (If possible, please include the book's title. A blessing if you can tell them that it is available from!)

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