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BOOK: How to Plan a Great Second Second Life: Why not live fully every day of your extra 30 years?

AUTHOR: Gordon Burgett

After researching and writing this book, I heard hundreds of questions about this topic while talking with folks in give-and take workshops (and after giving speeches), so I thought I’d share the kinds of questions that seem to interest them the most. If this is of any assistance to an interviewer, here they are:

(1) Isn’t it presumptuous to tell (or at least try to tell) others how they might lead their lives?

(2) Who needs a planning guide anyway? Won’t some just plan on their own and the rest, just live those extra years as best they can?

(3) What does the “extra 30 years” refer to? At which year does that begin?

(4) What about those who have a much shorter life, for whatever reason? Or people now in their 70s or 80s, how can the concept and book be used by them?

(5) I understand that your book proposes a six-step process for planning your future. Would you briefly explain those steps?

(6) Isn’t money really the issue? Without it, aren’t your days and options severely limited?

(7) Does your book take into account that much of what we do in the “first life,” say into our 50s, we really don’t want to do in the second? What kinds of personal changes do most people make in their “second life”?

(8) Do you propose that people retire? If they can’t afford to do that, or don’t want to, how does that alter the kind of “second life” they can have?

(9) I imagine that most of your book’s readers will be married, or are at least mated. Does each plan their own “second life,” or how do you address that?

(10) I also assume that the age of most of your readers will be somewhere between 40 and 55 or so, but shouldn’t life planning really start about the time a person starts earning and saving? Does this concept involve younger readers?

(11) The cover of your book mentions 17 lists, forms, and worksheets. Is this just a lot of filling in forms? A lot of paperwork that one will quickly forget?

(12) You also mention 200 activities that second lifers might enjoy. Can you share half a dozen or so, so we get the idea?

                                                                                                                Gordon Burgett


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