The purpose of this website couldn't be more straightforward: to help us fully live our second life, to make it fun, exciting, rewarding, full of meaning and purpose.

But when does our second life begin? For some, in their late 40s. For most, probably in our 50s or early 60s. There is no rusty, clanking metal curtain that drops down to announce that our "first life" is over and our second life will now commence. At least there wasn't for me.

We live 30 years longer than our kin in 1900. On an average, they died at 48. So I guess any year beyond 48 is a legitimate second life. We decide when we want it to begin...

Half of that "we" is me, Gordon Burgett. At 65, I'm on the same venture, trying to make these "extra" days count while having fun and trying to put some purpose into the process.

But this isn't going to be the Gordon Burgett website, where you are subject to my whims, opinions, biases, and pleas. (You can find that at http://www.gordonburgett.com!) Rather, the idea is to share with you, as I would with my other friends, all of the interesting, helpful, applicable, and sometimes even humorous or whimsical information I encounter that will enhance our second lives. I'll try to put those into categories where you can quickly find and apply what interests you. Websites are true electronic miracles where we can share almost instantly. And, if I abuse the privilege, you can simply click elsewhere!

I will also use another of these digital miracles to share the freshest of facts, in short bites, with you. Every two months I will send out an email newsletter to those who want it. Then I'll archive (or store) the already sent newsletters where they can be revisited at leisure. I'll also posit some of the newsletter information in the body of the site's text.

I suppose a bit of me will seep in, particularly since I do the selecting, but I'll do my best to keep the personal me away, except where that'book2.htm">book or my speaking about the topic). Two more places too. If you wonder who I am, my bio provides a self-edited, sanitized summary. And if you are asking yourself, "Why is he doing this? What'chicanery.htm">Chicanery?"

That's what the website is all about. We'll talk about the bread-and-butter things, like finances and health. And electric things like dream lists, growing through volunteering, travel, putting your life down on paper, ...

Bookmark this site, come back now and then to touch base, and keep current with the newsletter. But mostly LIVE! An extra 30 years, what a gift!
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