This is Gordon Burgett writing: Since I was "press" for much of my 20s and 30s, let me point you to things at this site (or that we can do to help you) should you wish to compose copy about the topic, my book, or (heavens forfend) me. (I wrote for newspapers, then sold about 1700 freelance magazine articles, edited several publications, and wrote many how-to books in the journalism field along the way...)

I see three general topics, so let me divide this section into those compartments, then point you to the links that will give you substance in those areas.

Incidentally, if a comp copy of my book would help, let me send one to you. (Just ask.)

At any point should you wish to speak with me, call (800) 563-1454. If I'm out speaking, Linda will either direct you to that number or I will call you back (so please do leave your number, the time zone, and the best time to receive my call...) Or use one of these other means: email / fax (805) 937-3035 / mail P.O. Box 6405, Santa Maria, CA 93456.

If you wish to use or download any information in digital form, it's yours! Because the pages are in HTML format, they may have to be reconfigured once they are downloaded.


How to Plan a Great Second Life:
Why not live fully every day of your extra 30 years?


The best stuff is at one site: RESOURCES FOR ARTICLES, with 12 key places to find copy and quotes. Those with an (*) are also found at that page, plus more.
Full Table of Contents of the book 
Opening from each of the 17 chapters (*)
The book'sslintro.htm">Introduction (*)
Chapter One (*)
250+ Activities that Super Second Lifers might enjoy (*)
Links mentioned in the book (*)
Other books mentioned in the book (*)
Key quotes or excerpts from the book (*)
A tipsheet: why this book should sell widely and quickly 
Book Reviewer cover letter, with a request for a copy to review 
A review slip
Photo of the author 
Book cover 
"8 Reasons to Create Your Own 'Second Life' Plan"
a book review news release (*)
a sample book review
others'otherssay.htm">testimonials (*)
others' review articles (*)



Since I primarily earn my living by speaking, radio and TV are closely tied to my speaking topics. So a look at the "speaking path" on my website, starting here and linking forward, will show what I speak about. to whom, and much of the content.
A radio/TV Interview Question Sheet 
A copy of my video script sent to speech bookers. 



The best way to pluck out information about my speaking is to start here and link any direction along my website "speaking path." My video script might also be of mild interest.


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