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* How to Plan a Great Second Life:

Why not live fully every day of your 
extra 30 years? 



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Please download (print), complete, and either fax this SSL Order Form to (805) 937-3035 or mail it to Super Second Life, P.O. Box 6405, Santa Maria, CA 93456. If using a VISA or Mastercard, you can also call it in, to (800) 563-1454, fax it (above), or e-mail us the necessary information to

You may also be interested in Gordon Burgett and Dr. Jay Hislop's book, Life After Dentistry: What Are You Going to Do With Your Extra 30 Years? Go here for more details.

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All California book orders must include a 7.75% tax. (Email version nontaxable.)

Shipping for the bound book costs $ 5 for 2-3 day PRIORITY MAIL. For media (fourth class book) rate, $2.00. For shipping outside the U.S., please email us for the exact cost.

Credit cards: We honor VISA or Mastercard. Simply include the full card number (usually 16 digits), the expiration date, and name of cardholder, then sign, as requested above.

Contact us if you need more information about how to order or if you prefer to leave the card number by fax or phone. We are Agemasters, P.O. Box 6405, Santa Maria, CA 93456 / (800) 563-1454 / fax (805) 937-3035 / e-mail / web

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Gordon Burgett’s funniest book: Treasure and Scavenger Hunts. The best of the past—and updated in 2001! This 144-page book shows how to design, plan, then throw a super second-life party built around a combination treasure/scavenger hunt. For adults, but all can join in! You’ll be a genius.—$ 17.95. (Available in digital ebook form for $15.95.)

Want to write for publication during your second life? Then you’re entering Burgett’s arena. Two of his books are particularly helpful putting you in print and fattening your coffers: How to Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles. It was a recent Writer’s Digest Book Club top choice (which we republished, slightly updated, in 2002; $17.95), and his travel writing top seller, The Travel Writer’s Guide (3rd edition, out in 2003: $17.95).

Are you a font of valuable niche information? A great way to sell back what you know during your later years! By good fortune, Gordon wrote the three key books in this field:

Empire-Building by Writing and Speaking ($12.95), Niche Marketing ($14.95), and Publishing to Niche Markets ($14.95)—all three for $35 (save $7.85). No area is riper for profit or easier to tap for a seasoned veteran.

Rather hear a super seminar, with the same in-class workbook? Gordon Burgett has delighted audiences with his straightforward, fun, easy-to-do presentations more than 2,000 times since 1980. The programs are now available, produced in studio on audio cassettes and sold at the cost of admission! “How to Sell 75% of Your Travel Writing” combines the best of his two top programs and “How to Publish Your Own Book and Earn $50,000 Profit!” explains the niche publishing bonanza—each two hours long and $29.95—while “How to Set Up and Market Your Own Seminar” ($44.95/3 hours) and “Producing and Selling Your Own Audio Cassettes” ($9.95/1 hour) also open up new, second life fun doors.

(To order these items, please send the following: Writers and Speakers Order Form)


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