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This is what we promised on the previous page: "Here Gordon will dig into his nearly bottomless well of facts, quotes, and anecdotes to create an article specifically designed for your readers. This works particularly well in two situations: (1) yours is a commercial publication that needs tailored, unique pieces, and (2) Gordon is speaking to your group and the article runs in your house organ or will somehow be read by the likely audience, before or after the presentation."

The bottom line is that Gordon must speak with you to see (1) if an article would work for your readership, (2) the slants or angles that might work best, (3) how long it should be, (4) when you need it, (5) if photos or artwork would make it better or are needed at all, (6) if interviews with your readers (or specific people you suggest) would be possible or advisable, (7) specific thoughts you have that will make this article better, and (8) whether Gordon has time to give you a professional piece by the deadline. So the best first step is to contact us ASAP.

Also, if Gordon is speaking to your group, the form and date of that presentation must be determined so the article fully complements it and does what you and your group have in mind by putting it in print.

Incidentally, Gordon has had 1,600+ articles and 20 books in print and has three times been a newspaper or magazine editor, so he's easy to work with! (His biography gives more details.)

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