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Better and more focussed workers, staff, and honchos make for a better product, working environment, and bottom line. And people with a better grasp of their lives, now and later, make a better world.

Gordon's message is easily customized to any company or corporation goals. Yet it also goes straight to the heart of every thinking person's being. His words and call to action are a true gift to each member.  They can make a life-changing difference.

From our mutual perspective, the most important question is:
How can we make this the best presentation
your group hears this year?


Gordon's #1 presentation comes from his book:
How to Plan a Great Second Life:
What not live fully every day of your extra 30 years?

(Justifications, leaping permission, and more titles found here!)


Some businesses and corporations like to book several presentations at once, especially since they get two for the same price on the same day! Others want to see a full repertoire so they can reject, then select. So here's the rest of Gordon's speaking programs, many of them offered (and updated annually) for over 20 years to more than 100 audiences a year. All would be customized, of course.

Here's a summary list of the other programs.


Gordon can adapt any of the above presentations to the three standard formats:
or he can accommodate them to less conventional structures.
We'll make the program fit your needs.


Let Gordon work with the editor of your house organ or other company publication(s) to provide an article or related material about the topic before or after he speaks to your group. Even if you don't book him this year, he'articles1.htm">articles webpage gives more details about the three ways this can add additional value to your members.

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