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What Are You Going to Do With Your Extra 30 Years?

It's true, just for being alive in the 21st Century we get an extraordinary gift--30 extra years! (Our kin died at 48 in 1900 but today we live to 78, with many more reaching 100!)

In that time we can reinvent ourselves and create a full "second life," injecting fun, purpose, and meaning into those bonus years. That's what this book helps us do: lay out a plan to create a new life, doing what we want when we want!

But that bonanza of extra years can be a bane if we don’t plan ahead!

Most Americans have  a vague sense that they should set aside some surplus cash now so they will be more comfortable later. And they know that puffing three packs a day or years of rampant inactivity rewarded with half gallons of Rocky Road before bed hint of a lesser bonanza. But forgotten entirely is any positive, creative life plan that allows them to define their own second life dreams, then determine how and when they will make those dreams come true.

Gordon Burgett’s How to Plan a Great Second Life to the rescue! In 256 fun-packed pages, the author helps the reader create their own future life map. His straightforward guide for singles (or couples) helps them (1) review where they are now: skills, money, and health; (2) create a “Dream List,” (3) prioritize and time-peg those dreams, (4) put them into doable action steps, (5) factor in the resources they have to fund them, and (6) put their resulting Action Plan into motion!

The book is primarily designed to be used by those in the 40-60 age bracket, but is also an excellent life planning guide for either anybody younger saving for their future or for seniors at any age. Its 17 forms, charts, and worksheets make the planning easy and fun. And the website backup (at keeps the guide current and the information growing forever.

Gordon Burgett, at 65, is already into his second life. With 23 books and 1,700+ articles in print, is he ready for the rocking chair? “Heavens no!” he retorts. “I’m just getting my second wind...” During his first wind, Burgett was an university dean, taught widely, directed a CARE program in Colombia and Ecuador, played minor league baseball, led a gold hunt on the Paushi-Yaco (Upper Amazon) River, and spoke 100+ times annually for 20+ years.

"We're going to get old anyway," Burgett says, "so why not take control? The real issue is proaction or reaction. An exciting, productive, sharing second life doesn't just happen on its own. We must take the reins!"

How to Plan a Great Second Life: Why not live fully every day of your extra 30 years? can be purchased from bookstores or directly from the publisher—Age Masters, P.O. Box 6405, Santa Maria, CA 93456. The cost is $17.95 (plus $2.50 shipping)—and 7.75% tax, for orders to California.

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