Gordon has been writing articles for 40+ years, and has 1,700+ freelance items (and 23 books) in print. His books How to Sell 75% of Your Freelance Writing and Query Letters/Covers Letters were industry standards for years (both were Writer's Digest Books Book Club top choices). Several years back Writer's Digest Books published Gordon's Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles (it's out again in a second edition, from Communication Unlimited)  so it makes sense to let him help you adapt the "second life" concept to your pages. (He'll also gladly point you to useful resources if you'd rather do it all yourself!)

Just pick which of these best suits your needs:

Customized article
Here Gordon will dig into his nearly bottomless well of facts, quotes, and anecdotes to create an article specifically designed for your readers. This works particularly well in two situations: (1) yours is a commercial publication that needs tailored, unique pieces, and (2) Gordon is speaking to your group and the article runs in your house organ or will somehow be read by the likely audience, before or after the presentation. 
Free, off-the-shelf article
Gordon has written at least a dozen articles 1,000 words or less about the topic for your selection and use. They are free and you can use as many as you wish. You can even rewrite them as long as you don't change the context too much!
Resources for your article
Just stopping by to pluck some info for your own article? Glad to help: Gordon suggests, beyond his own extraordinary book, other solid paths and references.

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