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Details about the AARP / USA Triathlon Tri-Umph! Classic

The event is designed for beginners as well as experienced athletes.

This swim-bike-run triathlon (400M swim, 20K bike, 5K run/walk) will be held in seven cities this fall. Athletes can enter individually or form relay teams of three people, so each can tackle one aspect of the event.  It will take place in the Chicago, New York, Dallas, Raleigh (NC), Los Angeles, St. Petersburg, and Honolulu metro areas.

AARP and USA Triathlon are providing participants with the chance to train with certified coaches in the months leading up to the event. The cost for the eight-week training program is included in the $30 race admission.  A portion of the Tri-Umph! Classic proceeds will benefit the National Park Foundation.

The day before the race there will be an Expo featuring demonstrations on strength training and yoga, a rock climbing wall,  flexibility testing, and in-line skating. A One Mile Fun Run/Walk will also be held immediately following the race. It is free, and no prior registration is required.

AARP has devoted an area of it's web site to training resources and health information: see www.aarp.org/triumph.

Specific facts about the Triumph Classic! Mini Triathlon

o 400 meter swim, 20 km bike, and 5 km run (in that order)

o Compete solo or as part of a team

o Designed for beginners and experienced racers

Training program: all registrants receive training manual (12-week program), plus the option of a coach-led training near each race venue (8-week program).

Fun Run: One mile Fun Run/Walk for family and friends immediately following the race.  It is free and no registration is required.

Event Dates:

o Chicago (Naperville, IL) - September 9, 2001
o New York (Long Island, NY) - September 23, 2001
o Dallas, TX - October 14, 2001
o Raleigh (Pinehurst, NC) - October 20, 2001
o Los Angeles, CA  - November 4, 2001
o St. Petersburg, FL - November 18, 2001
o Honolulu, HI - December 2, 2001

For more information, contact www.aarp.org/triumph or call 1-866-812-AARP for race details, registration, and training information.

Registration Fee:

$30 for an individual
$75 for a 3-person team

 Top 5 Tips for Triathlon Training
(provided by the Triumph Classic! Certified Coaches)

1. Start easy and build a base for each sport.

2. Start with doing each of the three sports one time a week. Base your workouts on time, not your speed or distance. Start below your capabilities and build on that. Add about 10% each week until you can comfortably swim for 25 to 30 minutes, run for 35 to 40 minutes and bike for
45 to 60 minutes. Your pace should be comfortable. No heavy breathing.

3. After you are comfortable with your base, begin to add one more session every few weeks until you are doing two sessions of the three sports one time a week.  The second session should be geared more toward shorter intervals at slightly faster speeds.

4. Train in the early morning or late afternoon. Be aware of the heat and drink plenty of fluids.

5. Wear a helmet. Watch for cars.
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