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by Gordon Burgett

1.A “second life” plan provides purpose, direction, and perspective for living your last years, and every year in between, as fully and enjoyably as possible.

2.By designing your own second life plan, the primary control and the responsibility for the worth and joy of those future days is in your own hands, rather than abdicating them to fate, family, and/or society.

3.In its creation, such a plan forces you to evaluate where you are now, what you are doing during your “first life,” what remains undone or can be done better, and what of that first life you want to build from and integrate into your future.

4.Since a key component of a second life plan is making your future dreams come true, in its creation you must identify those dreams, give them form, and define the steps necessary to making them happen.

5.A second life plan also provides you with a specific focus on your current and future earning and financial strategies, a way to assess why and how you earn and what must be done, now and in the coming years, to provide you with more and better living options as you age.

6.Such a plan puts your health-related activities into a similar, specific focus so that to the best of your abilities your body and mind will allow you to fully realize all of your second life goals.

7.If mated, such a plan helps you synchronize your dreams with your mate’s, so that each and both of you can savor and experience full, rewarding first and second lives.

8.Finally, by creating and fully living by such a plan, you serve as an excellent model for others, particularly your children—and theirs.

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